Furniture Repair, Rebuilding and Reconstruction 


Does your chair move from side to side even though it is not a rocking chair or did a leg break off?  Are the drawers of your dresser not moving as smoothly as they used to be and feel stuck all the time?  Is the veneer on your buffet chipped, peeling or warped, or did your dog mistakingly use the feet on your dining table as a chewing bone?  


We provide exquisite workmanship with extensive knowledge on how to repair your well-loved furniture to give them a second chance on life.  If a piece of your furniture has gone missing altogether we are able to recreate most shapes and sizes after carefully matching the wood itself.


Experience  True Craftsmanship


Are you contemplating turning that old unused wardrobe into a hip and functional wine bar?  Let your imagination run wild and bring your ideas with the help of our skilled woodworkers to life.


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