Furniture Stripping and Refinishing         and Custom Color Matching


Did years of wear and tear leave your treasure with unsightly scratches, burns or watermarks?  Or do you just want to update the look, change the color or go shabby-chic?  Our finishing experts can match most colors, sheens and finishing techniques, and we invite you to visit us in our shop and have our knowledgeable finishers work personally with you to help you choose a stain or color that will best bring out the natural beauty of your furniture piece.


The Refinishing Process:

Our refinishing process starts by first removing any hardware from the furniture.  This will be followed by the disassembly process, if need be.  Doors need to be removed and glass and mirrors taken off.  Lids need to be unhinged from the trunks, and we take special care to remove or cover any labels identifying the original manufacturer so they do not get destroyed during stripping.  Next, the old finish and/or paint will be removed in a dip tank, or -- if we are working on a very delicate piece -- entirely by hand.  The sanding process will smooth out any scratches and imperfections on the wood surfaces.  Now the furniture piece is ready for color.  After a one-on-one consultation with the customer we will apply the chosen stain or paint.  Once the sealer coat has dried the entire piece needs to be lightly resanded again.  We utilize a very durable conversion lacquer for the two to three finishing top coats.  Again, a light sanding of the entire piece is required in between each additional application of lacquer coat.  We can adjust the sheen of the top coat to each customer's preference.  Once we get through the finishing process we get busy cleaning up the hardware and reassembling the entire piece.


We utilize environmentally friendly products such as low VOC oil stains, low solvent VOC lacquers, and water-based stains and finishes.  We are always EPA and Clean Air Act compliant.


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