Fire/Smoke/Water-Damaged Furniture Restoration


Has your furniture sustained fire, smoke or water damage?  Our dedicated professionals will provide you with the solution you need to save your belongings!  


Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration:

Has your furniture been damaged due to a fire in your house?  Are your heirlooms all covered in soot and barely recognizable anymore?  You might be able to salvage your belongings by stripping and refinishing them.  Let our craftsmen assess the damage and recommend to you whether or not your piece can be restored to its former beauty. 


Are you worried about that terrible odor the fire left behind?  The stripping process will remove that odor from the wood and return the piece to its natural state.  After sanding your furniture piece back to a smooth touch, it can then easily take on a new stain.  Our finishing experts will work with you personally to match your color selection as close as possible.  Or let our finishers suggest the stain color to you that will best bring out the natural wood grain of your piece.


Water Damage/Mold Restoration:

Water damage on furniture is actually quite common.  A water glass left on a wooden table or a hot coffee mug might be a small yet very unsightly inconvenience.  Even furniture that has been standing in water due to a flood can often be salvaged.

Mold often starts do develop on water-damaged wood. But whether it is your table top that has been ruined, the veneer on your cedar chest is buckling, or maybe the legs of your dresser have sat in water for too long and started to get smelly -- a thorough stripping job would be the first step in restoring your belongings. Hand-sanding the entire surface of the effected area will prepare the wood for the new stain or paint.  The finishing lacquer coat will bring the rich luster of your furniture back and return a smile to your face.


Insurance Claims:

If your insurance agent would like to work with us directly we would be happy to contact him/her to ease the restoring process for you even further.


We do provide pickup and delivery in the local Vancouver/Portland area for a minimal fee.


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